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Premium Polygel Starterkit

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Dette starterkit indeholder:

1x UV/LED Lamp

1x Cuticle pusher

1x Cuticle Scissors 4mm

1x Lint-free pads 500pcs

1x Base coat

1x Nailster DualForm

1x Templates 

2x Nail extension clips -

1x Glass

1x file 100/180

1x file 180/220 

1x Buffer 

1x Cleanser

1x Dust brush

1x Brush with spatula

1x Top coat No Wipe

1x Cuticle oil

1x Acrylic Gel Color 216

1x Acrylic Gel colour 217

1x Acrylic Gel colour 218

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Premium Polygel Starterkit

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Premium Polygel Starterkit:



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